Eyes of the Jedi 6

His finger tightened on the trigger and the rifle spoke. The beam, speeding toward the unprotected body of the youth, was suddenly met, engaged and parried by the blade of the energy weapon. The sightless boy moved with the grace, assurance and speed of the fully sighted. Twice more, the armored being fired and watched the blade of the strange weapon attract and deflect the bolts almost leisurely.


He lowered the rifle and the boy returned to his shoulder-width stance the saber before him, the blade reflecting from his sightless, ageless eyes.


"Who are you?" The being whispered.


"Luke Skywalker."


"The Jedi are no more!" The statement was spoken with little conviction.


"Perhaps - perhaps not. I think you had best leave while you can. You will not take him today."


The being stiffened at the boy's softly spoken statement of the obvious.


"Not today." The being agreed and shouldered his weapon. "The Wookiee is coming?




Boba Fett made no attempt to question the youth's confident reply.


"Solo, he picks his friends well. Always his weaknesses prove to be his strengths. But you will not always be there. I'm a patient man. I get what I contract for. We'll meet again."


"Yes. We'll meet again." Luke whispered the words. He was unaware when the being turned and disappeared over the crest of the ridge.


There was sadness, anxiety in Skywalker's face. For a moment he had seen a vision; of pain, of suffering, of friends tortured because of him. And, in the haze of his vision he saw an armored being - a being he had never actually seen. A cold wind touched his forehead and he shivered.


"No." He whispered aloud.
"Let no one suffer - not like that - ever - not - for me."


"Luke? Kid, are you - "


"Fine." Luke shook the vision from his mind. He reached out for the hand of his friend. The men's hands joined, each conveying the trust, caring and love for the other.
"He's gone."


"Luke - can you - "


Luke wrenched his Force-sensitive mind away from the disturbing vision and listened.
"It's a ship."


"The Falcon. I was afraid I was hearing things - help me up - "


Luke pulled the Corellian to his feet and steadied him as the spacer gazed skyward.


Over the ridges behind them sailed the familiar shape of the Millennium Falcon. She rocked from port to starboard and back again in greeting.


"I wish you could see her. She's beautiful."


"I see her."


"Yeah - maybe you do. Those senses of yours are damned unsettling at times - "


"No, Han. I see her!"


Solo glanced quickly at the youth. Luke's eyes were open, bright, streaming tears, but focused and seeing.


There was a Jump in the Corellian's throat he made no attempt to talk around; instead, thankful, hazel eyes met and held on pale-blue, knowing ones.


"Sometimes a man has to be blind - to see."


"Maybe." Solo whispered past his emotion.
"And, maybe he has to be blind to make a friend see."


The familiar smile of the Corellian was greeted and returned in like by the youthful grin of the young Jedi.


"Let's go meet Chewie, and get off this sand bowl - I'm thirsty."


+++ The End +++

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